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What can I do with Images on this Site?

Copyrights on all of the photographs on this web site are owned by Studio Koning. You have the right to use the images in limited applications (see below), but not the right to distribute, sell or use the images in any other way. You have the right to use the images in comps, layouts for in-house presentations, rough draft designs for your clients, story-boards, or other comps for yourself or your customers. That is the full extent of reproduction rights that are granted. For all other uses, you must contact Studio Koning. You are not allowed to use the images for advertising, brochures, editorial publications, public multimedia presentations or any other uses without our permission. You may not sell, publish, license or otherwise distribute any of the photographs. You may not place copies of the images on electronic bulletin boards or web sites without our permission. When using images in comp layouts, keep in mind that the copyright belongs to Studio Koning. If your design work involves manipulation of the photographs or in any other way changing them you may be creating Derivative Work (i.e. anything derived from one or several original(s)). Under the US copyright Act, the creator of the original work also owns the copyright to all works derived from the original. Therefore, if all or part of your work is seen as having been derived from the original photograph(s), you do not own the copyright to the derivative work, just as you do not own the copyright to the original work.

All Images on this site are for sale and can be mailed in *.jpg, 300 dpi high quallity.

Wilt u een foto bestellen of info aanvragen, dan kunt u deze opslaan door met de rechter muisknop op de afbeelding te klikken en "opslaan als" te kiezen en hem ons mailen, of met de rechter muisknop op de afbeelding te klikken en dan naar eigenschappen gaan, daar staat de naam van de foto en die kunt u ons dan mailen:

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